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Game Over TV

Game over, TV: Social gaming is rewriting the future of media.

Consider this:

The number one television network in America is CBS. CBS has 6 million primetime viewers, thanks to hit shows like 60 Minutes and NCIS. That’s the number one network!

Meanwhile, Roblox has over 66.1 million daily active users (of which 16.5 million are likely American).

Traditional media is in a death spiral.

  • Network television has been relegated to senior citizens. The average age of a person who watches network television is 55.
  • Streaming media is declining at a rate of 20% per quarter.  The average age a person who watches streaming television (like Netflix) is 44.
  • Movie audiences have declined by half over the past four years.
  • Reading?  Hardly. Print book sales dropped 6.5% in 2022.
  • Between 2019 and 2022, total audiences for magazines decreased by 38.56%.

Where is everybody?

They are in TikTok, YouTube and in social video games like Roblox. People are spending an average of 55.8 minutes per day on the short-form video platform TikTok, 30 minutes per day on Instagram, and another 30 minutes per day on YouTube.

But what’s even more telling is how much time younger audiences are spending in video game worlds. The average kid logs over 2.5 hours chatting with friends and playing each session in Roblox.

Just a decade ago, younger gamers spent less than 1 hour video gaming per day. Video games are even coming to TikTok, like Zynga’s Disco Loco which launched last month.

The media world has changed precipitously, and it was a wholesale rift not a gradual transition.

This confluence of events presents an enormous opportunity for those focused on the rise of social gaming.

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