Community-driven web3 and traditional video gaming

what we do

Since 2021, Everyrealm has been a pioneer in Web3 projects, working across chains, protocols, and platforms to build new experiences for the digital realm that empower communities and players in the virtual world. 

We believe that the Internet needs to foster competition, mitigate the dominance of large technology companies, unlock opportunities in the innovation economy, and enable people to take control of their digital information. Web3 enables new forms of human collaboration that can help communities make better collective decisions about how economic benefits are distributed.

Who we are

We are a collaborative and multidisciplinary team with different backgrounds, working together to build new products that foster social connection in virtual worlds.

We believe that bringing together individuals from different backgrounds and experiences creates a richer and more inclusive work environment, which ultimately leads to more innovative products and ideas.


Janine Yorio
CEO, Co-Founder, Previously Republic Crypto
TJ Kawamura
Co-Founder, Previously Republic Crypto
Julia Schwartz
Co-Founder, Previously Republic Crypto
Jesse Stein
Co-Founder, Previously Republic Crypto
Russell Einbinder
Chief Growth Officer, Previously Republic Crypto
Samantha Okolita
Chief Design Officer


Andrew Durgee, Chairman
President, Republic & Republic Crypto
Arianna Simpson
A16Z Crypto
Baek Kim

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